28 April 2012

My Life - Update #5 - Final Decision

I guess there is nothing much to write here, my decision is very clear. INSEAD has been my dream school for so long and I will go for it!

Takeaways from this long journey of B-schools application :
  • The most important thing in business school application is we have to have a clear minds on what we want to achieve by getting the degree. The business schools are not going to take a chance on us if we are still in searching mode. Essays and interview are going to be straightforward once we have that ideas.
  • Be honest to yourself and to the admission committee. There is no point to write flowery essays if they don't reflect your true self. If you are lucky to get yourself into a school by writing flowery essays, you are going to struggle during your study because the school is not a good fit to you. 
Looking forward to my INSEAD experience now... 

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